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The word “love” is such a powerful word in a man’s life when he truly knows the significance of that one word. Unfortunately, we use the word “love” in our culture very loosely, and then wonder why men (and women) say it with no commitment to back it up.
There are too many boys in our society and not enough men. We’ve all been given male parts, but one thing is true, manhood is not an event, it is a decision, and a daily one at that.
I have much to say about women too, but it actually begins with us men. You see, women by nature are responders, and they will respond to who we are as men. So if you are a great dude in many aspects, and she doesn’t respond to your request after plenty of tries, as well as the lifestyle you offer her, then be thankful. You probably just saved yourself from a major life detour because she inevitability will not appreciate you. Remember she cannot appreciate what she doesn’t truly understand, or is not willing to understand.
Back to speaking to my fellow men, love isn’t for you if you still choose video games over working on your vision, love isn’t for you if you can’t keep a steady job, love isn’t for you if you still want all the benefits of a future marriage yet still live like a bachelor, love isn’t for you if you always want to be right and not learn something new, love isn’t for you if you still want your dreams to magically come true with no plan and effort on your part, love isn’t for you if you still want to be the King but not assume the responsibility of one and lead your domain, love isn’t for you if you lie and have no remorse, love isn’t for you if you think life is all about you.
So gentlemen, love is for you when you are willing to let her eat the last piece of bread when there is no more, love is for you when you are willing to humble yourself and learn to grow and go further, love is for you when you can commit and keep your commitment in spite of how you feel, love is for you when you are willing to lay down your life for her (and your future family) so that she may live, love is for you when excuses are eliminated from your vocabulary and you begin to build a generational legacy for your children’s children. Love is for you the day you decide to stop living for only you.

-David N. Alvarez

Commercial real estate owners have asked for suggestions on how to get commercial vacancies leased out faster these past few years. This is an important question that must be answered, because the less commercial vacancies in a city the better for all citizens. The effects are great when a business leases space, hires people, and makes a profit, because it ultimately creates a win-win for all parties involved. When business is profitable employees receive pay; employers make a profit; and last, the landlords receive rent on time.

Sometimes owners make three costly mistakes when marketing commercial space for lease that seems right up front, but cost more in the long run. The first mistake is turned off utilities. I consistently hear feedback from potential lessees when I tour suites. There is nothing more frustrating for a lessee than to tour a vacant space with no visibility, due to no electricity. No lights in the suite, lessee cannot create a good mental picture of what could be their future business layout. Based on experience, most spaces that get leased are because the lights are on.

The second mistake is to allow dirty suites to be shown. This doesn’t mean that an owner has to completely refurbish the vacant suite and spend thousands. In some cases, it takes vacuuming, a bathroom clean, and removal of all debris. A suite’s condition speaks volumes on behalf of the owner (or property management). Remember, prospective business owners are looking to lease the best possible suite that will help increase business revenue, image is a factor. I have had some business owners knowingly pay $0.15 per square foot higher for a suite based on the image of the suite and building maintenance.

The third mistake is to price a suite higher than every other similar suite in the area. The good old negotiating strategy of pricing high in order to settle at a lower price is over. Potential lessees have access to information right from their smartphone, and usually know what the current lease rate is for a commercial building before they call a broker or property manager. When an owner prices high, lessees sometimes formulate the idea that the owner is unrealistic, or may be difficult to deal with through the term of a lease agreement, and move on to the next deal.

Commercial real estate leasing isn’t summed up in these three items, but it will hopefully help an owner make any applicable corrections, and increase the chances of leasing their vacant space as soon as possible. Business owners are making moves right now; make sure your suite gives them a strong enough reason to bring their business to your current empty suite.

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When you compete you lose, because your focus is on what the other person or business is doing and not cultivating the greatness you offer to your market (clients, product, service). Domination is key to success in any endeavor you set out to accomplish.

Let’s lay the ground rules for what dominating looks like. First, dominating is not controlling, manipulating, or bullying other human beings; I repeat, dominating is not dominating another human. Dominating is using all your gifts, talents, and resources from earth to flourish in your God-given calling from heaven right here on earth. Sometime ago, I got a wakeup call from a best-selling author and speaker, Grant Cardone. He shared exactly what I share with you in this writing, he said, “Dominate, don’t compete!” My first impression was who is this guy? I decided to get out of judgment and into curiosity, and heard his entire speaking session. Needless to say, his message reminded me at the core of my being to dominate, that I was meant to dominate my space and environment for the betterment of the lives I come in touch with. I approached him, “You know when I first heard you, I thought to myself, ‘who is this jerk?’ but now I realize that you were right and your message has forever branded my heart!” We shook hands and exchanged a bit more conversation, and now we are twitter acquaintances haha.

I pass on this truth to you now; whatever you are doing now, dominate it. Come with your absolute best at every moment with every human being. People are watching you, and when you least expect, you leaves marks of, what I like to call, “heaven” (excellence) everywhere you go.

Then as I conversed with God later that day He was like, “You know Grant was right, right?….” and I laughed as I walked back to my hotel on the Las Vegas strip that afternoon…See Genesis 1:28 🙂