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Don’t be scared, school will be out for the kids sometime in late May to mid-June for most of you reading this. However, those days will arrive before you least expect it. If you will be moving before or around summertime, then now is the time to plan, especially due to the housing shortage we are experiencing, which I shared in my previous article.

With over 8 years of personally listing and selling properties, I continuously look for ways to improve the experience for the people we help in today’s market. Here are some great tips I share with families that need to relocate, upgrade, or downsize before school is out and summer starts.

As the saying goes, “Begin with the end in mind, then start at step one.”

First, identify the financial scenario you will most likely be in once you sell your current property. For example, once you sell your current property will your next home be bought cash, with conventional financing, or will you temporarily rent. This knowledge helps you gain a better understanding of what is up ahead. As well as see any evident challenges that will present themselves to the type of financing you will need for your next purchase and overall moving scenario.

Second, now that you have a better understanding of your projected financial scope, you can then decide your buying options and what areas you will focus on for your next home purchase. Lets say a family has been pre-approved for $450k loan, but based on their family decision they decide to look at homes between $350k-400k because they are downsizing, now they can focus on homes of that price range and see what is available in today’s housing inventory.

Third, which I actually recommend to be done first if possible, share your moving intentions with the entire family. Not every family member can handle sudden change as easy as you, so by preparing the family mentally, emotionally, and financially it will be less stressful for everyone, especially you. Plus, the synergy of the move will be healthy and seen as beneficial instead of negative. Depending on the distance of the move, kids are thinking of the friends they may lose and the new school they are going to, and need time to process all of this. Be aware of this, and be sensitive to their needs.

There are many details involved in the process of listing and selling a property. These basic three steps will get you going in the right direction. If you would like to do a FREE consultation over the phone on any of these three steps, we are available to help you.

As always, we provide FREE reports and information about today’s market at You may always call our FREE 24-hour voice-recorded line at, 1.866.476.1677 Ext. 355 to set up a FREE consultation or with any questions you may have about today’s market. You may connect with me personally through social media at: If this article helped you in any way, please share it with a family member, friend, or neighbor that may also benefit from this. The more you give, the more that comes back to you.