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Is the real estate market really that great? For some it is, for others, they may still owe more on their home than what it is currently worth. Therefore, when you hear the media say the real estate market is great, the public must be aware that not all homeowners are immediately benefiting from current home appreciations.

A healthier real estate market is beginning to show, but reality is not all homeowners will see their home prices go above year 2005-2007 prices in the next 12 months. Banks are still conservative in their lending practices, and appraisers are cautious on their appraisal reports. It is a daily battle for brokers all over Southern California to find an agreement between over-asking price offers and appraisal evaluations. The market is steadily coming together to a healthier price point, but not as fast as many distressed homeowners would like.

This leaves us with the families that have missed home payments due to hardship; anticipate missing a payment in the coming days; owe more on their home than what it is currently worth and need to relocate, and you get the picture of these scenarios. This “great” real estate market is not quite fair to all parties yet.

Ironically, while real estate has experienced appreciation the nation’s unemployment rate of 7.6% as of June 2013 has not dramatically improved in the past 12 months. This reminds us that job creation plays a vital role in real estate values. For example, a couple of years prior to the real estate boom in 2003-2006 the unemployment rate was as low as 3.9% in the year 2000, according to Needless to say, there are still many distressed households that need a fresh start due to unemployment and other hardships.


If you, a friend, a family member, or a neighbor owes more on your home than what it is currently worth, here are some recommendations to pursue your fresh start. First, share your specific situation to a certified Realtor who understands the short-sale process. Second, become informed of all of your options. Third, with help of your Realtor, decide the best option for you and take massive action until completed.

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Brokers can’t lie, it’s against the law. So is speeding, yet so many of us do it involuntarily.

Real estate is a potential wealth creation avenue. Whether a person is a first time homeowner or a sophisticated investor of a million-dollar portfolio, there are potential wealth creation opportunities in every transaction. Wealth creation in real estate can vary for each person’s needs or goals. For example, wealth creation for a first time home buyer may be if he bought a home with decent equity, or when an investor buys a rental property that generates a decent annual positive cash flow.

While there is no such thing as guaranteed success, there are strategies and tactics that help minimize as much risk possible when buying or selling real estate as an investment.

Unfortunately, there are brokers that lie in the real estate industry, some intentionally and some out of plain ignorance.

When a broker lies, and an investor is new, a lawsuit is waiting to happen after the final signature goes on the contract. It’s not that I want to scare you from brokers, but I share this with you so you don’t end up with a mess of lies and future financial trouble.


How do you know if you are working with a broker who lies? You check their track record. What do past clients say about this person on and off work? Are there any references you can check? Most importantly, if you actively invest in real estate or plan to, you should continuously learn about investment laws and strategies that will help you stay profitable and lawsuit free.

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